在ILI DC学习乌尔都语

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  • 多个 水平
  • 最小的班级规模. 12名学生
  • 说本族语的 & 有经验的教师
  • 负担得起的 学费 -每级$380
  • 4 条款 每年——每10周
  • 方便的市中心 或在线

Learn Urdu at the International Language Institute in Washington, DC 或在线.

The Urdu Language Program at ILI consists of four 10-week 条款 throughout the year. We offer 5 different 水平 from beginner to intermediate. Classes take place once a week in the evenings. Our teachers are all native-说话 and experienced. The Urdu Language Program integrates 说话, 听, reading and 写作. We maintain small class sizes to enable adequate time for conversation in every class. To find your level, please refer to the level description or use our 自我评价指南. 如果你还有其他问题, 请给简·爱德华兹打电话, ILI’s Foreign Language Coordinator, 105分机.  现在招收!

Live, Instructor-led In-Person or Online Urdu Classes 

Learn Urdu in person 或在线 from a live instructor using Zoom. All online classes are instructor-led, 在实时, allowing for the same live interaction as our in-person classes. Some of our classes are a combination of in-person and online students. 我们在教室里安装了360度的摄像头,让在线参与者感觉自己是课堂的一部分. 这种混合的课堂环境可以让学生相互交流,也可以让老师练习阅读, 写作, 听, 说乌尔都语.

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Register for our next term: 冬天 2022 beginning the week of 1月uary 10!

冬天1月. 10-Mar. 19, 2022星期一,12月. 27, 2021
春天4月. 4-小君. 11, 2022星期一,3月. 21, 2022
夏天小君. 27-9月. 3, 2022周一,6月. 13, 2022
秋天9月. 19-Dec. 3, 2022周一,9月. 5, 2022


提供: 星期一:下午6:15 - 8:45现在招收!

This course is for those learners with little or no command of the Urdu language. Learners will be introduced to modern spoken and written Urdu. Learners will learn how to respond to typical everyday needs, 比如正式的介绍, 问候, 提供谢谢, exchanging personal information, 表达尊重, giving commands and instructions, 和发出请求. 学习者将被介绍乌尔都文字,并将学习如何构成字母表中的字母. 基本的听、说、读、写技能将贯穿整个课程.

摘要目的: To introduce learners to basic Urdu vocabulary, 简单的句子结构, and to provide learners with the ability to engage in simple conversation. The emphasis of this class is placed on learning Urdu sounds and the 写作 system, 建筑词汇, acquiring essential grammar and developing basic conversation.

结果: Upon successful completion of this course, learners will be able to form basic sentences, engage in simple conversations involving 问候 and introductions, 描述, and common idiomatic expressions. Learners will further be able to read and write Urdu script.

主题: In addition to learning the Urdu alphabet, grammatical topics covered in this level will include 简单的句子结构, interrogative and negative sentences, 数字, demonstrative 代词和形容词, 名词类型和形式, 不定词, plurality and respect with adjectives and nouns.

课本: Beginning Urdu: A Complete Course (with accompanying CD), Joshua Pien and Fauzia Farooqui, 乔治敦大学出版社, $79

教训: 第一部分及第二部分, 第一至第六章, 1 - 105页, plus supplemental material selected or generated by the instructor.
提供: 星期二:晚上6:15 - 8:45现在招收!

This course is for those learners who have already mastered the Urdu script. Listening, 说话, 读写能力 will be consolidated throughout the course. Learners will learn how to provide extensive personal information, including how to describe one’s family members, one’s home and one’s daily routines at work and at home. Learners will also acquire essential basic skills such as telling the time, talking about geographic locations and describing the weather and climate.

摘要目的: 丰富学习者的日常词汇,并使学习者熟悉更复杂的语法结构. 本课程的重点是使学员能够就他们的专业和个人情况进行更深入的对话,并进一步了解当地的习俗和传统.

结果: Upon successful completion of this course, learners will be able to pursue conversations involving 描述 of daily routines, 人, 财产, 家庭和工作. Learners will further be able to tell time and discuss climate and weather-related issues.

主题: In addition to consolidating knowledge of the Urdu alphabet, grammatical topics covered in this level will include the possessive case, 比较级和最高级, post-positions, 斜形式 of post-positions, 代词和形容词, 反身代词, 现在进行时, 和结合的动词. The use of the infinitive will be explored further.

课本: Beginning Urdu: A Complete Course (with accompanying CD), Joshua Pien and Fauzia Farooqui, 乔治敦大学出版社, $79

教训: 第7至17章,第113-246页,加上由讲师选择或生成的补充材料.
提供: 星期四:晚上6:15 - 8:45现在招收!

本课程是为那些已经在书面系统中获得了坚实的基础,并具有良好的基础语法的学习者而开设的. 听、说、读、写技能将在此阶段得到进一步的发展. This level will introduce more complex grammar and themes, 比如表达喜欢, 需求和欲望, obligations and recommendations and giving instructions, and vocabulary will be enriched.

摘要目的: 通过掌握更复杂的结构和词汇,让学习者表达更广泛的喜好和关注. 本课程的重点是使学习者能够应用所学到的知识来完成一些日常功能, including conducting transactions and communicating desires and obligations.

结果: Upon successful completion of this course, learners will be able to express preferences and perform daily transactions, 比如选择项目, expressing measures and discussing prices. Learners will also be able to describe past circumstances and past activities, and to iterate rules and regulations. Learners will have a more extensive command of time expressions.

主题: Grammatical topics covered in this level will include contracted pronoun forms, 习惯动词的过去式, 过去进行时的动词时态, 表情的冲动, 不定式的进一步用法, and an introductions to the Subjunctive. Learners will also cover expressions of measures and price discussions.

课本: Beginning Urdu: A Complete Course (with accompanying CD), Joshua Pien and Fauzia Farooqui, 乔治敦大学出版社, $79

教训: 第18至30章,267-412页,加上由讲师选择或生成的补充材料.
提供: 本条款未提供

This course is for those learners who, having acquired a solid grounding in 听, 说话, 读写能力, wish to express themselves with more complex sentence structures. 学习者将完成动词系统的知识,丰富词汇,以便在旅行中完成必要的功能, in addition to expressing themselves on more abstract subjects. Learners will further be introduced to aspects of Urdu culture through aphorisms, poetry and teacher-selected materials.

摘要目的: To allow learners to become autonomous in planning a journey, arranging transportation and accommodation, 以下行程, and seeking information on travel plans. 学习者将用更广泛的时态来描述过去的经历和成就,并在医生就诊的背景下练习描述疾病和身体状况.

结果: Upon successful completion of this course, learners will be able to extend invitations and discuss future plans, arrange for transportation and lodging, 提供并遵循指示, and obtain information necessary for travel. 学习者还将能够更复杂地叙述过去的事件,并掌握在看医生时描述症状所必需的词汇.

主题: Grammatical topics covered in this level will include the Future, 现在完成时, Past Perfect and Perfective tenses. 学习者通过使用并列连词来加深虚拟语气的运用, review transitive and intransitive verbs, 和复合动词.

课本: Beginning Urdu: A Complete Course (with accompanying CD), Joshua Pien and Fauzia Farooqui, 乔治敦大学出版社, $79

教训: 第31至41章,第413至552页,加上由讲师选择或生成的补充材料.
提供: 本条款未提供

本课程是为已经达到听力熟练水平的学习者而设的, 说话, reading and 写作 covered in Basic Levels 1 to 4. 本课程使学员在进一步掌握各种技能的同时,对南亚广泛的乌尔都文化有了进一步的了解. Learners are introduced to a variety of authentic written and audio materials, including selections from Urdu media, songs and simple authentic texts. 本课程还包括复杂的乌尔都语语法,使学习者能够谈论和讨论广泛的话题.

摘要目的: 本课程的目标是使学习者能够用一般现在时、过去时和将来时进行口语练习. 本课程还使学习者能够听并理解真实的乌尔都语音频材料. 学习者被要求总结来自报纸和杂志的真实的乌尔都语文章.

结果: Upon successful completion of this course, learners will be able to speak in present, 过去时和将来时, summarize simple authentic written materials, summarize authentic audio clips, and speak with more complexity while using a wider range of vocabulary.

主题: The grammatical topics covered in this class include postpositions, 斜形式, 现在进行时, comparative and superlative forms, 波斯形容词元素, 将来时态, 规则, and the past habitual and past continuous tenses. 新 vocabulary will be introduced in the class, and students will become familiar with authentic written and audio materials in Urdu.

课本: 阿里的《黄金城电子手游》. S. Asani and Syed Akbar Hyder, Yale University Press, $65

教训: Pages 96-203, plus supplemental materials selected or generated by the instructor.


$380 for a 10-week one level class per student, 每名学生10周的速成班为760美元(并非所有语言或水平都适用). Au-Pairs can receive a 10% discount on 学费 with proof of their status. 现在招收!
可以在注册时购买,也可以在上课前或第一天在学院购买. Prices are subject to change at any time. 一旦被学生接受, books and other materials are the property of the student and are non-refundable. 免税机构或个人在收取费用前,需提供营业税免税证明. No retroactive refunds of sales tax.
Regarding placement, we recommend that you go to our 自我评价指南 在我们的网站上. Kindly read through each description of each level. If you feel that you are able to fulfill all the tasks described in one level, then move on to the next level and so on, until you reach a description of tasks that you are unable to fulfill. That would correspond to the level of classes in which you should enroll. If, 一旦注册, you should not feel comfortable at that level, you can transfer to another level, 可用性允许.

We do not offer placement tests.
常规的小组课程每周在晚上(美国东部时间6:15-8:45)或周六上午(美国东部时间上午10 -12:30)举行一次,为期10周. 加速组类, if offered for the language and level, meet twice weekly in the evening (6:15-8:45 pm ET). 每节课是2.5个小时. 所有课时均为U.S. Eastern Time (Standard or Daylight Saving)
In-person at ILI and online via Zoom. Our classes are usually held in person at Rhode Island Ave NW, Suite 100, Washington, DC 20036. Due to COVID-19 classes are also offered online via Zoom. 我们距离杜邦环岛地铁站(南出口)和法拉格特北站都很近. Parking garages are close by and parking on the street is available after 6:30 pm.
最少3人,最多12人. 我们建议 签约 as early as possible so we can adequately plan for all classes. If the minimum enrollment of at least 3 students per class is not met, we will have to cancel that class after the registration deadline has passed. 如果取消的话, students will be given the opportunity to change classes, postpone their enrollment or request a full refund.
Our program requires each student to participate in weekly quizzes, 将会被评分, based on a “Pass” or “Fail” system. 期末会有一个小测验来衡量这门课教学目标的总和. Grades are verbally communicated to students at the end of each class/course, and are marked on the attendance/performance sheet. 学生必须完成并通过至少70%的测验才能进入下一阶段.
It is important for students to attend every class meeting. It is also important that they arrive on time for class. We cover a lot of material in each class. The instructor cannot repeat material for students who are absent or come late. Students will be marked absent when they do not come to class. 若同一级别课程改天开课,且班级人数不足,则缺课者可补课. Students who arrive 15 minutes after the advertised starting time will be marked late. For every 3 times that the student is marked as late, it will count as a missed hour. If we notice that a student’s attendance is in danger of falling below 70%, we will issue an attendance report to the student.
Per request, we can issue certificates of completion after the term has ended. The certificate can be ordered at the front desk. In order to be eligible to receive a certificate or pass to the next level, you are required to attend a minimum of 70% of the classes and have a “Passing” grade. 在颁发证书之前,我们需要几天的时间来核实你的出勤率和及格成绩.
国际学院的黄金城电子游戏团体课程通过继续教育认证委员会(ACCET)的认证 & 培训),我们也提供2.5 Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) per every successfully completed course, 5.速成班为0. Upon request, our 完成证书 can include the CEU’s earned per semester.
在学期注册截止日期之后,任何原因的退款都将不予退还(见上文附表)。. 若同一级别课程改天开课,且班级人数不足,则缺课者可补课.
如有必要,黄金城电子游戏有权取消任何课程. Prior to commencement of class, students will be given a full refund. In the event of cancellation after the commencement of class, the pro-rata portion of the unexpended 学费 will be refunded. 按比例退还的学费金额,将根据所修课程与课程总数的比例而定. 如有需要,黄金城电子游戏保留指派代课教师的权利.
Classes are cancelled in accordance with federal government closures for the 整个 天气恶劣导致的一天. Please check public announcements on radio, TV and the internet; or call ILI at (202) 362-2505. 闭包也在我们的 脸谱网 页面 http://www.Facebook.com/ILIinDC. We rarely follow early dismissals.

ILI is closed for the following holidays: Martin Luther King Day, 总统节, 阵亡将士纪念日, 独立日, 劳动节, 哥伦布发现美洲纪念日, 感恩节, 圣诞节, 新年的第一天. 在这些假期,小组课程将不安排,缺课的课程将在学期末补上.
Please contact our Foreign Language Coordinator, 简·爱德华兹,(202) 686-5610分机. 105或 jedwards@www.zxjqq.com.